The SGUT 21 Day Challenge – or #21DC – takes place each month, starting on the first Monday. The 21 sessions are over 21 days – a gruelling mixture of strength training and HIIT (High Intensity Training) classes. You’ll also follow a clean eating plan, stripped back to the basics so your body gets exactly the right fuel to keep you at the top of your game.

#21DC is hard, fast and intense, but the results are totally worth it. I’ll be with you every step of the way on your fitness journey plus you’ll have access to the SGUT #21DC app. This will keep your training programme on track plus there are demo exercise videos to help you if you can’t make a gym session.

Read the testimonials below from people who have completed the SGUT 21 Day Challenge then sign up to achieve these amazing results yourself. If you need more information then please read our F.A.Q. section.


21 Day Challenge Testimonial

" To say things have changed for me in 6 weeks would be a complete underestimation of Sol’s training and my hard work. My fitness levels have shot through the roof, and thanks to Sol’s additional help and support with food as well as training, I have lost around 10lbs in weight and dropped a dress size (nearly two!).

I never thought that I would get this fit in such a short space of time, and continue to feel pushed, motivated and happy about my fitness journey. I certainly have busted right through my plateau thanks to Sol!"

Emma Cozzi

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21 Day Home Challenge

SGUT food plan
SGUT bodyweight exercises
Instructions on how to measure yourself
Online support




The Underground Gym has top facilities including a strength room, combat area, an equipment-filled functional space, and fitness classes..

Underground gym
8 Camden St
BN41 1AW
United Kingdom


Face To Face

Face To Face

Face To Face Training

Everything you need to achieve fitness success. I’ll work with you on a plan that plays to your strengths and powers through your weaknesses.

Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training

Your personalised training regime on your smartphone. The SGUT app gives you easy access to your fitness plan plus videos.

Athlete Training

Athlete Training

Athlete Training

Sporting success isn’t achieved through aptitude alone. Whatever is holding you back, we’ll work together on your game plan and get you to the top.