Lower Body Home Workout - ASS like granite - Yes please :-)

Here's a full lowerbody home workout you can try to help build muscle in those legs and glutes. Legs, along with the glutes, contain some of the largest muscles in the body, heavy-resistance leg workouts do a lot to stimulate growth hormones and testosterone, which benefit muscle growth all over the body. Here are my five favourite tips along with a home workout that will keep your booty solid as a rock.

Have you packed your Nutrition?

Are you going out for the day?

How do you plan your food for a busy day out on the move?

Firstly have a decent breakfast at home, one that contains a good level of protein and fats at the very least.

Take portable snacks with you from home- nuts, a whey shake, some fruit.

If you're having to buy convenience foods on the go express supermarkets have a great choice of small bags of vegetables, pre packed meats, bags of nuts,  sushi Marks & Spencer have just launched Apple slices with Peanut Butter dip.

Remember there's always an alternative better choice than a rubbish sandwich and bag of crisp meal deal.

Always remember to drink enough water. take it with you or buy a 1.5L bottle and make sure you drink it throughout the day.

M&S have pulled it out the bag.  

M&S have pulled it out the bag.  

You Asked! We have delivered!!

SGUT-MX supplements have really taken the UK's Motocross world by storm. We have been at over 40 meetings this year and travelled all around the country and are proud to say we will have stands at MXON & The Dirt Bike Show  

One of the things we pride myself on hers at SGUTMX HQ is listening to what you the consumer requires from us as a Nutrition & training brand and then we go back and try to put this into place. 

One of our most successful products is the Holeshot Isotonic Rapid Hydrate blend. So I decided to try and make this even more versitle and offer a Zero Caffeine version.  

This is ideal for those who tend to consume more Holeshot throughout the day as it will keep replacing the Minerals that have been lost without over consuming what your body can tolerate. 

We have also listed to the Mums who said that there cupboards in the campers are full with SGUTMX Tubs and we know how precious space is so we have now replaced the tubs for "Space saving resealable pouches. Cool eh.  

Lastly id like to introduce some exciting new flavours in both Holeshot & Chequered Flag Whey. 

Holeshot Rapid Hydrate


Strawberry & Lime  

Chequered Flag Rapid Recovery

Peanut Butter & Banana

Strawberry & Banana 


Launching soon.  

Nitrate rich Red & Green Superfood blend  


Mayweather vs McGregor

Who wins? 

ive been asked this like a thousand times, I even got a WhatsApp from the Headaster at Brighton College at 11.30pm asking me , lol thanks Harry. 

So here is my semi educated guess.  


My opinion is, Connor brings the unknown to Floyd ( no conventional style, squared stance,southpaw), so this could unsettle him in the early rounds and Connor clearly possesses power in both hands. This is where I see his small advantage and if Floyd is caught early/cold he could get put to sleep. 


But, Floyd is the master of defence, he has fought the best and schooled them to the point of making them look average. Boxing movement and working ranges is an art, this art cannot be perfected in a short time. This is where I see Floyd winning.

"Make him miss, make him pay"


Mcgregor early 1-3 rds  

Mayweather Late by Decision  



"Make him miss, make him pay" 

Buttered Mocha

have you tried Bullet Proof coffee?

well here is a great  alternative I like to call it the Buttered Mocha


Fresh  ground coffee 

 1 tablespoon of grass fed butter  

 1 tablespoon of MCT oil or coconut oil  

 1 teaspoon of CaoCao  

 Add this to a Nutribullet and blend for 15 to 20 seconds then pour and enjoy  


give it a try and let me know how you get on.