Avoiding temptation of the Petrol Station.

So this week I have been doing quite a lot of miles in the van, and often when I'm driving I tend to get more hungry I'm not sure if this is just out of boredom or Bonafide hunger pains.

Here is how I prepare myself for my journeys. 

Have a well balanced breakfast of Protein & Fats.

Pack a small box of snacks. Nuts - carrot sticks - protein bar - apples  - I always have some SGUT chequred flag whey in a bottle then I just add water and shake. 

Keep topped up on water. Dehydration can trick your stomach into thinking its hungry. 

Plan your stop, look at your journey and see if there is any towns just off the motorway that have good places to eat. I know that I can drive for 2hrs then I'll need a break so we try and plan around that. 

So, preparation is important, but so is your health.  

Take the time to plan.  

have a great weekend. 


Sol Gilbert - Ultimate Trainer. www.solgilbert.com 



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