Back to my Roots

I am not sure if you have seen the latest SGUT Vlog  which was about mixed martial arts and boxing (below) This week I had great fun putting the gloves back on,jumping in the ring and doing a few rounds of stand-up striking then hitting the mats for a good old grapple.


I really have missed this style of training I am a creature of habit and for the last two years I have been beating myself up on the treadmills the Olympic lifting platforms and on the gym floor. Although I keep all of my training sessions varied they will always start off with a high intensity 20+ minute run then I will go into doing some other kind of funky stuff but what I have realised this week was that I really missed the unpredictability that sparring and wrestling brings to your training 

So for this reason we are now going to make Tuesday our regular combat sparring day.
So if anyone is around and fancies coming down to the underground gym and having a play be my guest I would love to see you on the mat.


Have A great weekend





SGUT Youtube Vlog Ep:64