Mayweather vs McGregor

Who wins? 

ive been asked this like a thousand times, I even got a WhatsApp from the Headaster at Brighton College at 11.30pm asking me , lol thanks Harry. 

So here is my semi educated guess.  


My opinion is, Connor brings the unknown to Floyd ( no conventional style, squared stance,southpaw), so this could unsettle him in the early rounds and Connor clearly possesses power in both hands. This is where I see his small advantage and if Floyd is caught early/cold he could get put to sleep. 


But, Floyd is the master of defence, he has fought the best and schooled them to the point of making them look average. Boxing movement and working ranges is an art, this art cannot be perfected in a short time. This is where I see Floyd winning.

"Make him miss, make him pay"


Mcgregor early 1-3 rds  

Mayweather Late by Decision  



"Make him miss, make him pay"