One size doesn’t fit all!

My clients have heard me go on about reducing their calorie intake (Food & Drink) and increase caloric expenditure (exercise) and I still stand by this, but what about when you go out for dinner?

Oh that’s the cheat night right! But what about if you eat out more than once, or, do not fancy being regimented in your socialising?

I can’t stand being told what I can and can’t do!
The biggest issue I have when I go out with my wife Donna is she is a size 8 and I like to call my frame an Athletic (82kg), so if we order something of the menu and it happens to be the same meal surely the portion sizes should be geared towards our bodies demands right?, Wrong!, they seem to be the same size!

That’s the major problem here in the UK, (I know in America they have portions listed so you can build your own meal), not only are the restaurants force feeding my wife unwanted/needed calories but I’m increasing her ability to house more food which overtime will lead to weight/size gain!!

Ok I hear you say she could leave a portion of it on the side, but we are from an era where you eat what’s in front of you and waste is something that is frowned upon.

What’s the answer then?

It’s a simple one really, Why not design a menu that has people’s body sizes & types and then you can apply the meal size to suit.

For example

100g chicken breaststroke = 195 kcals half the portion (50g) leaves 97.5 kcals

It’s simple really and gives people a frame to stay within.

There isn’t a one size fits all in nutrition, so let’s try and stop excepting that there is.

Ok that’s great but how can you personally solve the problem?
Until the food industry cottons on to this way of feeding the nation. Start to track everything you consume?


I have a food tracking tool on my SGUT app. It is a great tool for people that need guidance, I use it with all my clients when they are starting off and after a few months of tracking their daily daily calories they actually understand what their plate should look like and keep maintaining fat loss.

Keep training hard.