Race Day Prep

SGUT-MX Motocross Nutrition


I find like most things if you fail to prepare you are planning to fail.

Let me put it like this, You wouldn’t race a bike week in and week out without stripping, cleaning greasing after each meeting this is the preparation your bike requires in order to be at it’s optimal for racing.


Let’s put the same effort into yourself the most important machine you will ever have control of.


Fist lets start with Hydration.

When you sweat you lose Ion’s these are also known as Minerals, They are essential for muscle activation this is where replacing your body with Electrolytes comes into play.


Now let’s talk about recovery Carbs & Protein, We all know that we need food to function, But it is vital that we make the right choices, Due to the nature of Motocross your body utilizes carbohydrates as it’s main fuel choice, this is due to the length of the races, So post races it is crucial that we replenish the carbohydrate stores with fast acting carbohydrates - Bananas – Rice Cakes – Bagels are great choices to their ability to be broken down quickly.

Protein – is an essential in helping the muscles repair, during a race your body will be pushed to the maximum so it will need to be repaired so you can go out in Moto 2 & 3 with all the tools to Kick some ASSS


Sleep – Is going to be a very important factor here try and get at least 8 hours a night, This is where the Body repairs itself by releasing growth hormone.



It will be hot, so before you race wet a towel and place this into a fridge or a cool box post Moto strip down and get the cold towel and place this around the neck, this will reduce the body’s core temperature and assist with recovery.


Have a great race guys.


Sol Gilbert