The birth of something great.....

The past two years we have been working on developing the SGUT MX supplement range.

The range has really taken off at the motocross tracks, we have been providing riders with the right nutrition rather than heading towards burger bands. And a guide to take out all of the guesswork these two solutions enable the rider to perform at their optimal when the gate drops.


People often ask me how did I come to set up SGUT-MX Nutrition & Training.  The reason why is because as a parent I wanted to ensure my child has the best chance of delivering the best result when it matters the most. I know with the help of MBO power I can supply him with the best bike fully tuned and race fuel to make it go faster, but for me this wasn’t enough I needed to ensure his body could perform at a high-intensity a 20 minutes so I looked into nutrition as a way of facilitating this demand.


After a lot of research one thing that became apparent Nutrition in the motocross industry seems to be overlooked which is a shame as the sport commands every ounce of energy your body can supply for a long period of time,  so I set out to design a range of sports specific supplements that can give the motocross athlete


This was the Birth of SGUT-MX


This year we decided to give something back, We decided to support a few riders in 2017 I guess you could say are we have also built a solid squad of nutritional savvy athletes we are looking forward to seeing what they deliver in 2017.


So watch this space for the SGUT-MX riders

Boston Gilbert

Alfie Boy Jones

Ike Carter

Chris Mills

George Grigg Pettit

Jordan Divall

Sean Barnsdale

Mel Pocock


 This week has been a very intense week of training for Ethan Gilbert who has a boxing match on Saturday night. We had been working on intervals on the treadmill, Hill sprints and even sparring me!!  I am looking forward to see this hard work pay off when he competes.


On another note I have advised a few of my clients to go wheat free for a month. The response has been fantastic, as after only ten days they are reporting that they feel more energy, skin feels great, sleeping better and less bloated. So if anybody is looking to achieve a healthy weight loss try removing wheat first and see how your body reacts.


Have a great weekend J


Sol Gilbert