What a week - Treadmill session & Hill Sprinting

This week has been a great week, We received the SGUT Supplement stands so now the supplements have their very own stand.

I have put Ethan & Boston through a few sessions this week, Utilising running as the main base for the conditioning, I started off in the week working 2 minute rounds on the treadmill to replicate a boxing round, Then I took the boy's outside later in the week to get on the HILL and put in some very taxing hill sprints.

Check out this week's Vlog's below to see how it's done.

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The weather hasn't been too kind, As a result, Three motocross meetings ( MX Nationals, East Anglia, East Kent,) were canceled leaving us high and dry with nowhere to ride, So check back in to see what I come up with as a solution to keep Boston entertained.

Have a great weekend,

P.s, Don't forget to get out and get something "calorie burning" done!!