What are you doing in the gym?

What training are YOU doing?

I love strength training, but I am not a Strength athlete, I like to run my ass off but I am not an Endurance athlete, so what the hell am I?

Well I like to think of myself as an all rounder, think of a Crossfit Athlete without being subjective to following what they perceive as the be all and end all.

I like what Crossfit athletes do with their WODS and I know that they have come under scrutiny over the years but you cannot deny what they bring to the table is amazing viewing right, I mean throwing Gymnastics, Olympic Lifting, Cardio movements into one workout is something else, I have to say personally speaking my body responds very well to this style of training.

So, Lets take it back, you may be just starting out in the gym, and checking out instagram posts for ideas or viewing a YouTube clip of some Guys & Girls Lifting, carrying and flipping some heavy sh*t and want some of that.

Well my advice is DON’T!! Just yet! Start by building your foundation with a conditioning plan that will work your full body and get your heart & lungs used to working through different ranges of motion.

Here is a Strength intro that I use for my clients that combines a Bodyweight & Abdominal exercise as an active rest in-between the Strength exercise, we call this the Tri-Plex.

Start by Strength training three times a week, alternating workouts Push day– Pull day & Legs day. On the days between the Strength sessions you can get some cardio in i.e. Run, Bike or do one of my YouTube HIIT 6 mins session’s sessions at home.

Link here

Usually guys train Monday, Wednesday, Friday, but you can lift Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday, as long as you train three times a week, and take at least one day off between two workouts for your body to recover, you’ll get stronger.

Week 1 = you will do 3 sets ×10 reps this is to ease your body into the program. Week 2 = will be 4 sets x 10 reps, as your body will be adjusting to the plan. Week 3 = this week we hit hard with 5 sets x 10 reps.

The Tri-Plex is designed to keep your heart rate high with the added bodyweight exercises following the strength exercise then 30’s seconds of abdominal work. This allows your body enough time to recover from the heavy strength exercise.


The Format

Example: Push program you will do1st Chest/Bench Press (aiming to get to 8-10 reps with a struggle) once you hit max reps on all sets increase the weight.

2nd Jump Squat x10 reps

3rd Russian Twists x 30 seconds then you are back to the chest press and repeat for 3 sets. Then you can hit the treadmill bang out a 1k run as fast as possible, write down your completed time then move onto the next session.

Happy Lifting!!!